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Essential Types Of Golf Equipment

Every golf enthusiast knows that having the right equipment makes a lot of difference. Whether you are just playing for fun or for a tournament, it pays to know the types of golf equipment. It can improve your play and save you from excessive shopping for optional items.

Below are the types of essential equipment you will encounter once you go shopping in stores like for your golfing needs.

Golf Club

The golf club is an indispensable component of the sport. It has three major parts namely the grip, shaft, and club head. The grip refers to the handle of the club. It is usually made from rubber. The texture, thickness and even the color of grips may differ from one brand to another but they all serve to the player’s comfort. The shaft makes up the body of a golf club. It is cylindrical and usually silver in color. Shafts have varying lengths to match the differences in height and reach of players. The club head is the one that hits the golf balls. Club heads are similar in purpose but not with their appearance. They come in various shapes, sizes and thickness.

At first glance, it seems like all golf clubs are the same. However, golf clubs have various classifications. One of the bases of classification is the kind of material used in the production of this golf equipment. Golf clubs are categorized into woods, irons or hybrids.

Golf Club

Woods are preferable for tee shots and long-distance shots. The earliest forms of golf clubs were made from wood like apple, hickory, orange-wood and purple heart. Nowadays, clubs that are tagged woods are not totally made from the said material. In fact, most gold clubs classified as woods are actually made from metal. They are still called woods because of their similarity in shape with early wooden golf clubs.

Irons are the most versatile among the types of golf clubs. They can be used for different shots. These metal-made golf clubs are further categorized into short irons, medium irons, and long irons. The classification is based on the length of the golf club’s shafts. The length is directly correlated to the intended distance of the shots. It means long irons are for long-distance shots, while short and medium irons are for tee box shots and fairway shots to the green.

Hybrids are golf clubs with combined features from woods and irons. The club heads of hybrids are almost the same with those of the woods. These are similar to iron in terms of the material used and weight.

There are other kinds of golf clubs such as drivers, wedges, and putters. Drivers and wedges are just sub-classifications of woods and irons respectively. Golf putters, on the other hand, are golf clubs with a loft of 10 degrees and beyond. Here at, you can also find special sets of golf clubs. These are golf clubs especially made for the ladies, the elderly, and the youngsters.

Golf Ball

Golf won’t be complete without the golf ball. This golf equipment is considered unique due to its multi-dimpled surface. Golf balls are designed that way to make them fly further.

Golf balls may be classified as either advanced or recreational. As the name suggests, recreational golf balls are for those who play the sport purely for fun. Recreational golf balls have two layers, with the outer layer harder than the core. Advanced golf balls, on the other hand, have three or more layers with the outermost layer softer than the core.

Taylormade Golf

Aside from their purpose, golf balls are also categorized according to their newness or condition. Newly manufactured ones are tagged as brand-new. However, the most popular option for casual players and beginners are the recycled golf balls. Recycled ones are lost balls picked up by the maintenance personnel of a golf course. They are cleaned and graded accordingly. Another type of golf balls are the X-outs. These golf balls are actually factory rejects. They are deemed unfit for formal competition but it’s a waste to just throw them away. That is why manufacturers just opted to offer bulks of these balls at a discounted price.


A tee is simply a ball stand. Aside from golf, sports like rugby also make use of tees. Unlike the two aforementioned golf equipment, golf tees could be essential and optional. In formal competitions, a player can use it for his first strike. The area where the tee is placed is called teeing ground. It’s not allowed to use a tee for succeeding strikes unless winter rules are used.

Golf Bag

Golf bags are essential golf equipment because they make transporting your clubs and balls faster and easier. Here at, you can find different bag designs and sizes for your golf clubs, balls and tees. You can even get bags for your tumblers, shoes and clothes.