PCBInvesting on gadgets for personal use or laying down a fortune on techno device manufacturing business can bear one a good measure of being responsible enough to watch out for the spent capital ensuring that every cent counts. Buying costly gadgets or electronic machines and learning that it has an internal defect only after a few times of usage and operation can make one shift from one brand to another and even leave negative feedbacks about the product and its manufacturing company.

Then the domino pieces would start to fall down and crush a huge amount of investments. Most defects on electronic devices can be traced from the use of low quality component materials and not only from a customer’s clumsiness in handling their devices. This is the real reason why it is very important to the major causes of defects and damages on a gadget or appliance.

Focusing on the common internal damages that include short circuit, corrosion and leakage currents, the main problem on a device can be found on the printed circuit board. The common causes these problems are known as dendrites and static charge.

One may wonder why it is possible for well designed printed circuit board to have short circuit or current leakage especially when the aforementioned component is manufactured with sophisticated computer technology application. The solution lies in the protection of measures applied to the materials and components, before or during the assembling process.

Pcb Board

Printed circuit board components are prone to get damaged upon exposure to extreme environmental conditions. Moisture dispersed through the condensation caused by humid condition does not only cause corrosion but also the formation of metal filaments called dendrites.

Dendrites continually grow and branch off on the surface of metal components; connecting active current tracks and causing short circuit. The rate of spread varies from thirty minutes to days or months depending on the amount of voltage that a device consumes during operation. Some factory workers and supervisors are not aware of this probability among the machines they use. The same applies at home.When extensive metal filament growth went unnoticed, an unexpected short circuit could sometimes burn down factory or manufacturing sites.

This phenomenon can only be prevented with the use of modern conformal clothing. Conformal clothing helps in providing a protective covering against condensation that causes the production of dendrites. This comes in the forms of dilute solutions of silicone rubber, epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane. It is also advisable that every machine or device operated by a printed circuit board be regularly checked by a technician specializing on different units to monitor any irregular changes on the internal components.

Most populated and bare circuit board tends to transmit static charge that it could receive by improper ways of handling. The copper traces had been refined at the time and can transmit a static charge unconsciously released by the holder. This could cause potent damages to the components. To prevent such problems, antistatic bag or packaging is used upon transport and delivery of fully furnished printed circuit board.

Pcb DesignThese specialized bags or boxes are usually made of polyethylene terephthalate with its signature silvery shade. This particular material prevents the transmission of static charger from the handler to the components of a PCB. Some packaging materials are also designed with bubble wrap so as to protect the PCBs not only against electrostatic charge but also to mechanical damage too.

Promptness in making immediate solutions or plan of actions for the imminent problem on hand has always been proven to facilitate safety and efficient elimination of work and home hazards. It’s not costly to be worry free!

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Military Coin

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